What Our Clients Say

Janice Lapore, Regional Manager Operations

1. Creating a professional website is hard. I tried to do it myself quite a number of times but ultimately did not like the end result. I was searching the internet for web design services and I happened to come across Logo Liberty by chance. I can say now that it was a happy accident because what a fantastic service! Logoliberty not only designed a user friendly and scalable site for my brand but also gave it one on one attention throughout. They had many other clients but their team was present to help me with any questions or concerns I had at any time of the day. I received ample attention from Logoliberty and within a few weeks my site was live. They optimized it as well so people would find my site on search engines easily and even now they keep in check to see if the numbers have been retained. Love them!

Kristina Paul Jr Head of Operations

2. I have already used Logo Liberty twice before for my company’s stationery design and our mobile app development. This time I hired them for creating a new logo design for our new corporate division. Not only did Logoliberty give me a lot of outstanding logos with unique designs but they also gave me amazing customer service. Their team was on top of things and was very responsive to all my needs. There was a particularly difficult issue where we could not decide between the name of the division and Logo Liberty waited several days before it was finalized and gave us a fantastic design in two days. I appreciate their continued professionalism and promptness when it comes to delivery and will definitely turn to them again if I need help with design or my site. Great team, great service, always a pleasure!

Graham Clayton Head of Department

3. Finding a company who could make a brochure design for my hotel was hard. We wanted something different and stunning that would hook new guests and they would come to our establishment. As director, I had met with so many different design companies and freelancers but nothing seemed like a good fit. A family member recommended Logo Liberty as they had gotten a logo made some years ago. Logoliberty made sure that they met all my demands and gave us an amazing brochure with the most interesting design I had seen. Our brochure displayed graphics that made the hotel look desirable and fancy. Once they were distributed we started to get a lot of attention from locals as well as tourists who came into the city. I completely trust Logoliberty with any future projects as they gave me professionalism and fantastic design, unlike anything I have seen before.

Anthony Vaughan Manager Operations

4. I knew that Logo Liberty was a reputed design company but I had no idea they also created mobile applications for businesses. When I started my car was service, I wanted my customers to be able to book their appointments and make payments easily. So I wanted a customized app which would cater to this need and make the whole process easier. Logoliberty took my idea and turned it into something fantastic. They are not just passionate about tech, but their team is highly skilled in developing new apps and giving satisfactory results. Logoliberty has a staff full of young and dynamic individuals who are expert developers and can give you anything you ask for. They ensured that my app worked in both Android and iOS software and gave me a top notch end result which reflected my specifications and had its own unique features. I know I can always trust Logoliberty with any of my design or development needs in the future.

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